News of a great exhibition for Sligo appeared in my inbox today.  A week long illustration based show, it features brilliant local artists like Wayne O’Connor and national heroes like Chris Judge, who’s exhibiting the first works from his Key Frames project. Here’s the official blurb, but get yourself along from July 17th as it’s only there for a week.

The Yeats Building in Sligo will play host to a week long exhibition entitled  Through The Looking Glass. Drawing together the work of several Irish Artists from around the country, the exhibition will open on Sunday 17th July at 6pm. Each of the artists works in an illustrative style and come from backgrounds informed by Animation, Illustration and Street Art.

Chris Judge is a Dublin based illustrator and painter who was a guest speaker at this years Childrens Book Conference and recently took part in the ‘Unflattering Portraits’ promotion in Sligo.

Marian Noone is a Belfast based artist with a background in Animation, who is part of the Spoom Collective, a group who frequently collaborate on large scale street murals.

Wayne O Connor is a Sligo based artist who has been published in several fantasy and Science fiction games and draws influence from his interest in those genres.

James Gammell is a concept artist and illustrator from Limerick who has worked on various franchises including Judge Dredd.

Patrick O Callaghan is another Dublin Based animator who has worked with a variety of clients including Brown Bag Films.

Finally Daniel Bourke is another Dublin artist whose work was recently featured prominently in the international art magazine Imagine FX. Each of the artists work in a variety of mediums across both traditional and Digital formats so the show promises to an intriguing mix of pieces. All the work will be available for sale.

The show opens officially at 6pm on Sunday 17th July and wine and music are promised, so you’ve no excuse. It’s great to see this sort of thing being put on in Sligo, so fairplay to the organisers.